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Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
-rights advocates and thh n-r-a have spoken out againss pore strict gun legislation. lapierre says: "i call whatever is necessary to put armed oliie offiierr in every single school in ttissnation." &pboswell says: "thursday's meeting will include the nra. there will also be parents and teachers serrices invvlved. president obama says he wantssto shootly after his inauguration in less thann2 weeks. inn news." 3 3 3 choose your own punishment. the common ssnseesentence one judge offeree a runk driver. 3 the jungle comes to virginia.. the reason annmal control brouuht out the big guns for this dog. ççççpñpñ a... common sense... apppooch.../ for a man... wwo almost driving runk.eople while drunk. "you will go and i want you to view the body of someone who was killed in an automooile acccddnn because of a drunken driver. and i want ou to do that two timms." that's the option ohio convicted drunk driver nearly killed a coupleewhile driving drunk in october. the judge said he could either two dui victims up close or ee - spend an extra two nights in jail. tara
Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
& training, for lonn arms training."> trainingg"> 3 the n-r-a opes congress will pight somm offthe pressdent's 3 amendmmnt. 3 3 that briigs us o our question of the day.will tte - violencee & 3 here's a look at ur facebook page.... huudreds of youuaree soundinn off on this issue.... and the majority say ggn control snnt the answer. 3 to facebook doo coo slash foxx & baltimore. pooice make an rrest in a ddubll shooting.... thaa left p3 police say 18--ear-old dorrien &pallen opened ire on two teenn yesterday ii southwest balttmore. the victims were found slumped over inside a truck in an alley behind est mulbbrry streettbooh were taken to ssock trauua wwere -pmichelle adrran ied minutes -3 later.... thh other viccim.. a 19-year-old mmn.. survvved. ii waa his descriptionnthat lead police to allen..investigatorss say ddugg may haav been the motive. 3&pp... 16-year-old..... 3 ps... accused of... imppesonating... a ... ooice fficer.../// ann... eportedly...// palled... ii... city police.... to... mmke arrests..-arrests.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2